Yummy Candies That You Must Try


Candy is a big part of Asian culture, and it is normal to see people of all ages carrying big bags of asian candy. If you want something sweeter, chewy, or delicious, you can try some of the best Asian candy.

There are many candy brands in Asia, but there are some of the best candies. From chewy and crunchy to sweet and sour hard candies. Here, you will know what makes candy unique and a few candies you may need.

Some Popular Asian Candies

Candies come in a wide range worldwide. Some brands from Asia are sweet and delicious and may fit your need for candy. The candies are sweet, sour, or spicy; everyone can get what suits them. Candies are cheap desserts, and you will find them anyplace in the world, including on the Asian continent; they are famous for their unique taste.

Here are some brands of candies that you may love:

White Rabbit

The white rabbit is one of the most famous candies in Asia, and its sweet taste reminds many Asian of their childhood. You will recognize it from a white wrapper with a rabbit logo and thin rice paper. Vanilla is the original flavor but comes in maize, red bean, strawberry, coffee, and mango.

Asian Guava Candy

This distinctive candy is a sour-sweet dessert that comes from guava fruit. The Guava flavor makes it sweet with sourness after sucking it. Its wrapper is green. The aftertaste sour makes it a post-meal snack because it helps do away with overeating issues.


Amira, known as the tamarind Asian candy, comes from tamarind. It has a spicy, mild taste; while sucking it, you will get a sour taste before the sweet taste in the middle. Tamarind Asian candy is fit for individuals with diabetes; it has natural sugars with a lower glycemic index.

Haw Flakes

Haw flakes are candies has the fruit of hawthorn, and they are a disc-shaped dessert that comes in cylindrical packs. Its taste is sweet and tangy with an aftertaste.

Ting Ting Jahe Ginger Candy

Ting ting ginger candy comes from ginger, which has a bland, chewy taste when you first bite, and you will get the taste of ginger when you continue chewing. It is a good way of consuming ginger instead of chewing the ginger tree.

Chun Guang Coconut Asian Candy

Coconut Asian candy is a hard sweet with a unique creamy flavor, coated with coconut and durian. When eating this dessert, it tastes like coconut with an aftertaste bitterness.


Asian candies are becoming increasingly popular in the Asian continent for many reasons, including Asian sweets being cheaper and affordable, and high quality. These exotic and interesting candies make them a perfect choice for those looking for something delicious and different. You can find these desserts in any convenience store, which is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is something for everyone, and these candies come in different flavors and textures.


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